Top 3 Tips to Make Your Bar Soaps Last Longer

Tip 1: Keep Soap DRY in between Uses!

We cannot emphasis this enough. Keeping bar soap dry in between uses will go a long way to making the bar soap last as long as possible! And to keep them dry, the use of a soap dish or soap box that drains water well is key.

Tip 2: No Splashing!

We certainly enjoy a good shower or bath with a nice smelling piece of soap. However, the soap does not benefit from continuous splashing of water and getting washed off.

Hence, always keep the soap shielded, at a higher height or away from the shower head such that water does not keep splashing on it as we rinse off.

Tip 3: For Small Pieces of Soap, Use a Soap Bag!

One of the advantages of a bar soap is that we can really use it up entirely with no wastage (compared to liquid soaps in bottles where it may be difficult to get the last bit of soap dispensed out without perhaps adding a little bit of water, shake it a bit, squirting out a thin liquid solution and so forth…). However, a small piece of soap is indeed a bit hard to handle. So, what do we do?

Simply pop the small piece of soap in a soap bag and continue to use it as per normal! That’s it. The soap will continue to lather as per usual in the soap bag until it is used up. Talk about zero waste!

In fact, if you cannot wait to start on the next piece of beautifully crafted soap, you can always collect a few pieces of the small soaps in the soap bag and use them together later on!

We hope the tips would be useful to you as you enjoy the goodness of the natural, moisturizing handmade bar soaps!

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